62cm (24") Multi-fit Collar for Medium to Large Dogs. $32.95


  • MULTI-FIT sizing Med to Big 35-55cm (14"-22") neck sizes for an exact 2 finger snug fit. No more loose collars.
  • PADDED HEAVY DUTY Polyester, superior quality materials for strength, corrosion resistance & lightweight with soft neoprene padding.
  • UNIQUE NO HARM NO BUCKLE fast & easy double cam safety lock designed to lock into the collar both ways
  • GREAT SAFETY for quick release under pressure & easy fast fit/release for everyday.
  • INCREDIBLE 100kg (220lb) restraint on collar & lock. Ideal for running and walking dogs with greater pulling strength.

INDUSTRY INNOVATOR. In 2016, Kooloop has the thumbs up in the top from leading pet business/pet industry experts for its unique application and functionality of a dog collar at the 2016 Big Pitch TV & Super Zoo Product Showcase Industry Innovator.



• MATERIALS. Made with high quality UV resistant polyester material & high grade corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel for durability.

• DOUBLE CAM SAFETY LOCK. Locks both ways with superior strength with up to 100kg (220lb) restraint on the lock and material.

• NO HARM . A safer alternative that eliminates choker chains that can do damage to your dogs throat.

• CUSTOM-FIT. Flexible sizing allows a tailored fit from puppy to adult & even with small heads and fat necks.

• LIGHTWEIGHT. A total of 123 gms (7 oz.). 25mm (1") collar width.

• CARING TIPS. Our collars can also be hand washed. Ask us for our tips on caring that will also assist to give you a longer lasting collar.

• GIFT BOXED. Carefully packed in a gift box with padding to protect your collar during transit

• WARRANTY. Every collar comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Dogs MUST BE supervised when on a collar and not tied to a fixed point or runner which could lead to dog injury and collar damage.

• Authentic Australian Design. A Family Owned Company who love dogs.


One touch push and release function that allows 3 key functions.

1. Easy to adjust loop size before pulling over your dogs neck with the ability to get a snug 2 finger fit with a simply push of the cam to fit.

2. A quick push will release the lock and allow quick removal.

3. Quick release under strain for instant freedom whether its required for your dogs safety or for your own safety.



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