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Kooloop represents our love for dogs and we believe in optimizing performance for greater control, safety and peace of mind. 

Our confidence in our belief comes from our passion to deliver comfort to pets and confidence to pet owners world-wide that a dog collar truly can contribute to enjoying your time out with your pets.   

It's has been our passion for developing a solution to eliminate conventional, sometimes consuming hassles of buckle/clip designs in dog collars that ignited the idea to revolutionize the locking device to create the world first bit cam lock.    

The idea of a double lock cam as the lock device created the freedom for one touch push function for ease of use, greater control for performance, increased safety in its strength to restrain 100kg  and peace of mind for quality that underpins the value of our well made and designed products.  

We believe pet owners world-wide deserve: 

  • Modern design for appeal under supported with lightweight and high-grade materials for the comfort of our loved dogs.
  • Affordability to purchase one collar with flexibility to grow with their dogs from puppy to adult to extend the life of the collar for long term use. 
  • Convenience for ease of use so it works for young to older users alike.
  • Increased performance for greater control with one touch push and slide lock needed by handlers for dog training.
  • Certified assurance to restrain up to 100kg for high energy and active dogs for peace of mind. 

With shear determination over 14 years, it's our love for dogs and passion in our belief for improved performance to deliver the new Kooloop One Touch Multi-fit Dog Collar. 

Our commitment to maintain the usage of high-grade materials for quality that lasts, improves performance and increases longevity of our collars. 

The revolution of what you see today has been driven by the belief in our design, our commitment to find a solution and our passion to endure processes that has achieved a simply solution that has revolutionised conventional dog collars. 

Revolutionary Double Cam Lock Technology has a world-wide patent to ensure purchasers are receiving quality Kooloop products.


The passion to make things easier comes with the vision to see things different.

Koolcams is an Australian family owned and operated business established in January 2015 to deliver World first bit-cam technology inclusion in a never been seen before multi-fit dog collar unlike any other collar on the market today.

Koolcams vision is to deliver double cam lock technology to improve form and enhance functionality of products associated with safety and restraint. To give Australians and people world-wide, the benefits of superior performance and quality to contribute  with confidence in products that enhance our everyday lives.

Our mission at Koolcams is our passion to question the possibility of functionality and breakdown barriers that obstruct our pathway to find solutions in design using our revolutionary double cam lock device.  Our design principles are simple, they must work and there must be quality for enduring use.  

For media or business enquiries please send an email to support@kooloop.com.au


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