Double Cam Lock Technology

Kooloop 2016 Award Industry Innovator for the double cam lock is revolutionary in it’s design for innovating the conventional buckle into a multi-fit clasp that provides multiple features.

Five Star reviews on Kooloop product page are testimony to it's durability and unique double cam locking clasp which has new users raving "the collar is beyond Awesome" to "the best collar I've used hands down" to "the answer I've been looking for no more loose collars". 

Kooloop Dog Collar Features


  • One touch push and release function that allows 2 key functions.
      1. Quick and ease to put over your dogs neck and get a snug fit to 1mm increments to fit medium to extra large dogs with one collar that will allow for your dogs growth from puppy to adult. 
      2. Immediate release with one push to open the clasp. Under no strain the material can easily be pulled free and under heavy strain it will spontaneously release and slip the material freely from the clasp. Extremely useful for dog trainers, dog handlers and anyone who finds themselves in emergency situations to keep your dog from harm.
    • Once fitted the double cam bites into the original webbing pattern in the material to lock securely both ways.  It won't budge, slip or slide.  No more loose collars!
    • The clasp once fitted on your dogs neck has been Independently tested and certified to restrain 100kg (220lb).  You would never put your dog under this kind of strain but it is giving dog owners peace of mind to have full control under the heaviest of strains.
    • Together the double lock cam clasp has been designed to work in kind with the collar fabric with its ribbed pattern. This unique combination increases its strength strength and resistance to breaking strains.  
    • Made with high quality UV resistant polyester material and high grade corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel for durability. The material alone has a 200kg (440lb) restraint. 


    Our patented lock design has been engineered to lock both ways,to prevent slipping in either direction.  Another benefit to this revolutionary design. 



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