How to use

Follow the 2 simple steps for fitting.  

  1. Push down and hold the device to open the lock.
  2. Slide the collar into the lock to the desired loop and release.

How to get the perfect fit every time.

Allow at least a two finger gap between the dogs neck and the collar giving your dog  enough room to be comfortable and simply release to lock in place.

How to trim and secure ends.

If necessary, use a hot knife when trimming excess strapping and ensure the cut remains smooth and flat.

Tips to care and maintain your collar.

  1. Do not throw collar against hard surfaces.
  2. The material/webbing is high quality 25mm (1") polyester and can be hand washed to keep clean,  Once washed hang up to dry or lay on a towel to dry with webbing out of clasp.  Being polyester it will dry quickly.
  3. Kooloop double cam lever housing can get gritty if in heavy dusts and dirty  environments.Sea water and some bore waters must be washed out clean.
  4. Dog collars should be taken off the animal daily to check collar fitting, collar materials and the dogs neck area. For the best results, blow out any visible dust/grit, rinse in a sink or hose using fresh water only.  Make sure this is carried out on each end while depressing clasp lever to clean out the housing unit. Blow off excess water and hang out to dry or place on a towel in a safe place with webbing out of clasp. The housing has been put through months of testing in a sand blasting chamber and remains to function perfectly.
  5. The Kooloop double cam can have a quick short burst of Lanol spray or similar (no solvents based sprays). Lube at each end of the Cam by aiming the nozzle to the top of the cam device. Alternatively you can use a match stick to put a drop of Lanolin grease on the top of the cam and remember there’s no need to go overboard it’s just a small dab.
  6. The lube should be free of acids,silicon,dieselene,kerosene or petrochemical solvents,example suitable spray type is (Inox Lanol)

Before using your Kooloop Multi-fit Collar.

Please read the list below before applying the collar.  We simply want your pet to have a good experience too.

What to know:

  1. The 25mm (1") collar width webbing on the small to extra large travels from 30cm to 60cm (12"-24") and the webbing with extra padding included will travel 35cm to 55cm (14"-22") on the medium to large.

Checklist for the Do's 

  1. Practice using the Kooloop collar, before going ahead and fitting it to your pet.  Use the function by pressing the “PUSH” on the lever before inserting the webbing in through the housing of the cam.  Follow the arrow and learn to drive it before putting this around your pets neck.The polyester webbing has good memory if webbing hitting back of webbing attachment when pushing through clasp,just bend feed tip of webbing up a bit with fingers it will hold shape and it will ride through.
  2. Read “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR RIGHT COLLAR” to correctly the right collar for your dog. 
  3. Be careful when checking that the webbing locks in both ways when pressing the “push” lever.  The cam has been designed with a quick release function and any pressure applied to the lever will enable the release so the webbing will slide out from the cam.
  4. Practice in the safety of your own home the quick release function. With the Kooloop Multi-Fit Collar you have the beauty of walking your dog on a loose collar and very quickly tightening the collar if a problem arises.  Be sure not to over tighten and remember some dog’s necks taper to behind the ears which is the smallest diameter.
  5. Very important, allow room for TWO FINGERS to fit under the cam when pulling the webbing to your desired firmness for your dog. When in place you must be able to insert two fingers behind the cam for your pets comfort.  We want to stress this point it is as one of the most important factors when owning a Kooloop Multi-Fit Collar.The Kooloop must be checked daily or taken off the animal. 
  6. APPLY THE COLLAR AS A LOOP over your dogs head for application and removal.  
  7. Be mindful that if a problem arises and for whatever reason there is an altercation with another dog this quick release function acts to alleviate any stress that may arise and in some instances saving the dogs life.  There have been stories where a dog has locked his jaw into another dogs collar creating a choking effect on the dog who’s wearing the collar and also at the same time cause extreme distress for the dog locked in.  The quick release function was designed for many reasons and we want you to practice using it so you know just how to do this when in a pressure situation.
  8. Keeping your collar clean will assist in keeping your Kooloop in good working condition.

What NOT to do.

  1. DON’T put the webbing into the cam with the black side of the webbing facing up.  It’s coloured side up, black side down which will face your dogs neck.
  2. DON’T put the webbing in the cam first without pressing down on the “push” lever to release the entry for the webbing to travel into  and through the cam housing unit. Follow the arrow.
  3. DON’T fill the lever with sand or dirt.  If however dirt or sand enters the cam unit and it gets gritty, take the webbing out of the cam and blow out excess material and wash it in clean fresh water to flush out the grit.
  4. DON’T cut the webbing length unless you know your correct length for the fully grown needs of your dog.  If you do cut make sure you heat the fibre ends over so they don’t fray and become too thick to travel into the housing unit.
  5. DON’T over tighten the collar.  There must be a two finger gap between the cam and your dogs neck.
  6. DON’T use the collar for anything other than what it was intended.  It is not a rescue device nor is it a tie-down.
  7. DO NOT leave any animal tied up and unattended.Dogs on collar and leash tied to a fixed point when charging against the fixed point can damage their neck and the collar. 


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