Quality & Durability

Everything about a Kooloop has been designed with quality to last!

Developed and engineered with highly polished, nickel chrome plated components in the main body and made from high grade aluminum lever is anodized all this for strength, corrosion resistance and minimised weight.

The internal spring and pivot pins are made from stainless steel that complete the design for quality that you know will last.

The “D” ring (for lead attachment) is made from mild steel welded D loop and Nickle chrome plated to match the collar.

The grip details are high quality, UV stablised, soft touch rubber that is vulcanised to the aluminum body using adhesive specifically designed to make the two components inseparable.

The webbing is high grade, UV stablised polyester that despite its 200kg (440lb) + breaking strain is extremely supple to provide the utmost comfort to your pet.

The webbing includes a smart silver edge to complete the smooth and polished finish.

Kooloop Multi-fit Dog Collar clasp and webbing together has been certified by independent test report for up to 100kg (220lb).

Click to download the 3 page test report.


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