Story of Innovation

A new cool dog collar innovating performance and functionality.

Michael Waters, Managing Director and founder of Koolcams Pty Ltd, conceived of the Kooloop Multi-Fit Collar was born after years of frustration from using conventional dog collars within the dog training industry and housing strays. 

What he experienced constantly was confusion grabbing for the right lead for his dogs, tedious collar adjustments as the dogs grew from puppies to full grown adults and restraining his dogs without choking or dealing with slipping collars from trial and error testing collar brands. 

The costs for wear and tear caused Michael to consider how the simple dog collar design could be improved to create a hassle free experience when managing his dogs.   

His idea for a dog collar was to provide flexibility in sizing and durability in materials for quality and functionality for an all-in-one dog collar, without the need for a different collar for each individual dog.  It was a simple idea not only for his needs, but for every dog owner as well.

During the next 14 years, Michael researched dog collars, designed prototypes and re-designed and improved functionality and purpose.  

The dog collar project became a prolonged process to achieve a solution that would work, to provide dog owners with the simplicity of having a collar that facilitated ease of use, multiple functions, and durable construction to last the length of any dog’s lifetime.    

Kooloop is introducing dog owners to the new benchmark in pet accessories, and it all goes back to Michael’s passion, and his love of dogs.

In 2016, Kooloop Multi-Fit Dog Collar* was recognised by leading business/pet industry experts in the USA against 700 new products released to market to achieve a ranking in the top 21 for industry innovator in the pet industry for its unique application and functionality of a dog collar. 

*BIg Pitch TV & SuperZoo 2016 Product Showcase Industry Innovator.

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