This product is high quality and I do recommend it for extra large dogs. This collar states for small to extra large. While the color is adjustable to fit a small neck of 12" I wouldn't recommend it for small dogs. The clip part is very heavy which is better for the extra large dogs. You can tell at first when you get this collar that it is excellent quality just by the box it comes in. The blue is a nice color along with the silver accent. The clip is easy to get on and off. We ended up putting this on our larger 120lb dog and it was great we absolutely love it for him. It is made of excellent quality material very durable and I can tell that this will last for a long time. We also have a 10lb maltipoo that I would love to see an option in this brand for him!

Megan Murray
Amazon Purchaser, USA 

The Kooloop Dog Collar is easy to take on and off & can be adjusted to suit the dog’s size as he/she grows. It is very strong & reliable, highly recommended.

Wade & Nadine
North Queensland


I'm Louis the Golden Retriever and I love my new collar.  It's durable, strong, secure and mum and dad say it's easy to use. Here is a photo of me wearing it at our favourite breakfast spot.  

Louis, The Golden Retriever
North Queensland


As a Townsville greyhound trainer we love the collar, easy to use fits perfect every time.

Rhonda and Stephen Essery, Dog Trainer.


I have been using the Kooloop collar now for some months.  I have given it a really good work out in our kennels and find it easy to use, good to look at and very durable.  Not only do we swim our dogs in it but they also wear it when getting run on the beach and in our sawdust dog runs.

Brennan Ryan, Dog Trainer

Bert is an extreme example of a powerhouse Alpha male dog and not the type of dog you want breaking loose and running wild. I tested the Kooloop collar on him for nearly 3 weeks and despite his pulling and tugging it remained firm and secure without any need to re-adjust at all. After returning the test collar, I purchased a new conventional heavy duty leather collar. Within 4 days he ripped the pin through the leather and broke free. The advantages of the Kooloop are already very obvious to me is that 1) The collar material does not stretch. 2) The cam lock mechanism does not allow the collar to tighten or loosen. It just remained at the precise initial setting despite the pressure exerted by Bert.

Sam Kukavich
North Queensland




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